Timeless’ Season 3 is dead for good; movie still being negotiated but uncertain


It’s the 11th minute of the 11th hour (or is it the 59th) for Timeless. The NBC show has amassed a loyal and dedicated following, only to suffer a slump in its ratings for the second season which led to its cancelation. Fans waited to see if there’s still a chance — maybe another network would pick it up? Or perhaps Netflix would like to co-finance the venture? In the end, co-creator Shawn Ryan broke the news on Twitter: “There will be no Season 3 or beyond.”

Negotiations to find the show a new home on network TV have failed. Other options, such as streaming services, have been looked into, but the actors’ contracts have expired. Ryan also mentioned that a typical episode costs the team $1 million to produce, and problems in creating a 2-hour movie are very much real. Ryan did note that they’ll provide more info within the week to see if there’s even the remotest chance that a movie could still happen. That would, at least, give thousands of fans some closure.

That’s going to be an uphill studio for Ryan and co. With both Timeless and Ministerio del Tiempothe Spanish show that the former ripped off — already canceled, I have no other recourse but to study Portuguese so I can watch that version of the show. Isso é difícil, meus amigos!