Timeless will return for a two-hour finale in December


Timeless fans, affectionately known as “Clockblockers,” will have more reasons to enjoy the holidays. That’s because the NBC time-travel adventure series will be coming back to wrap-up in a two-hour series finale this December.

When we last saw our intrepid adventuring trio, they were more or less a duo-slash-quartet. That’s because the team’s engineer and pilot Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) died of his gunshot wounds in 1888. The team had no choice but to leave Rufus behind and return back to the present in the Lifeboat — their time machine. The last few minutes of the show saw characters mourning their teammate and wondering what could happen next. Historian Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Delta Force soldier Wyatt (Matt Lanter) tried to rekindle their romance in the midst of the tragedy.

The series could’ve ended on a sour note until a second Lifeboat materialized in front of their eyes. The occupants were none other than another Lucy and another Wyatt — both from the future. The show’s very own rule was turned on its head since it was long established that travellers cannot go to a timeline when they already existed. Future-Lucy and Future-Wyatt simply beckoned for the team to join them in saving Rufus before the credits rolled.

That’s how the second season ended, on a cliff-hanger with a potential for more exploration and adventures. Sadly, with the show’s rating slump it lingered in limbo for months. Fans stayed tuned for more news and clamored for another season or perhaps a movie. The hashtag #SaveRufus and #SaveTimeless, showing fan support, trended. It was all for naughtwhen NBC officially announced the series’ cancellation… until recently.


We found out that showrunners Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke were working diligently to bring Timeless back. Today, it’s pretty much guaranteed. The show will be coming back in December for a two-hour finale with some of its best writers and directors helming the proceedings.

Fans are quite excited by the news. Even though they aren’t getting a full season, a made-for-TV special would suffice as closure. After all, there have been countless shows that met their unfortunate ends over the years. Timeless is one example of keeping that hope alive and seeing it come to fruition one last time.