Title prophetic, future Bright indeed with sequel, Will Smith, David Ayer to return


With what Netflix would call an underreported 11 million viewers over its ‘opening frame,’ Bright is a proven success. Sure, critics (though I strongly disagree) panned it, but audiences loved it. Thus it’s no surprise that Netflix, as I predicted, has green-lit a sequel and all principles seem poised to return.

Thus, expect Brighter, or whatever Netflix calls the sequel, to address many issues people did have with the original: not enough, not enough world-building, not enough magic, felt condensed, etc. There’s a chance here to keep this series going for a while, and why not ride that chance all the way to a prolonged life a la The Fast and the Furious. If they can stretch that series to 9 movies, this series can certainly make 5.

We’ve yet to even see Will Smith learn his first real spell, or fight Voldemort–sorry, the dark lord. When will Killer Croc–sorry, Jacoby, lead the orcs to redemption? 

These and more questions will be answered when Bright delivers a sequel. The project has only been announced and no further details are yet known. 

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