Tom & Jerry gets a new trailer and it’s…something


Remember that live-action Tom & Jerry film that was happening? I’ll forgive you if you don’t, because 2020 has been hell. With all of the nonsense that is happening in the world, most people were probably not thinking about an 80-year-old cat and mouse duo that haven’t been relevant in a long time. Still, the world keeps spinning and studios need to make money by cashing in on nostalgia, so here were are.

Yes, the latest trailer for Tom & Jerry gives us our first look at the movie and it’s…something. That’s probably the most generous I could be with my impressions. At least the designs of the titular duo don’t look too bad, but they certainly don’t blend in with the live-action cast.

In a move that makes Who Framed Roger Rabbit? look like some stunning discovery from a distant future universe, Tom & Jerry is blending decent-ish CGI cel-shaded characters alongside real-life actors and the result is uncanny. I just can’t get over how either character looks like they are situated in their own plane of existence. There’s no depth to their presence.

Elsewhere, the plot seems to be focusing way too much on its main star, actress Chloe Grace Moretz. The writing is kind of lame, the jokes don’t seem to flow properly, and the film is clearly trying to bank on its star power. You’d think Tom & Jerry would be a big enough draw, but I guess not.

Currently, the film is slated for a March 5, 2021, release date. I don’t know if Warner Bros. will end up hitting that, but this is one to keep in mind for next year?

Source: YouTube

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