“Top-secret” bidding war for live-action Pokemon movie comes to light


Despite never getting a proper Pokemon game for consoles, we might get the next best thing in the form of a live-action Pokemon film!

Last night, The Hollywood Reporter shed light on a “top-secret” bidding war for a live-action adaptation of the iconic Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company, the holders of the licensing and marketing rights, is looking for the top buyer to produce a new vertical for immensely popular property.

According to THR, Warner Bros., who distributed Pokemon: The First Movie back in 1999, was the frontrunner for the rights, given their established working relationship with The Pokemon Company. However, it’s come to light that Legendary Pictures, the production company behind 2014’s Godzilla, might end up the winner. It’s also rumored that Sony Pictures is also making a play for the rights.

There’s so much speculation surrounding this prospect, given how huge Pokemon is around the world. It’s easy to assume that the prospective film will be a live-action/CGI hybrid, not unlike another popular video game property coming to the big screen. Will it be based on G1 Pokemon and take place in Kanto? Will it follow the story of more recent games? More importantly, who’s going to voice Meowth?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]