Trailer for Netflix’s Apostle has bloody puritanical torture


Apostle | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

From writer and director Gareth Evans of The Raid, the first trailer for Netflix’s Apostle certainly isn’t wanting for violence. We have giant drills to bore into skulls and spiked rolling pins to eat up hands worse than a garbage disposal. There’s some consensual knife play, and some non-consensual gun play, as well. All in all, this trailer is packed with blood, and it looks to be a pretty grueling ride.

The plot sees a young man in 1905 London returning home to find his sister’s been kidnapped by a cult and is being held for ransom. He travels to the secluded island where the cult operates and works to infiltrate their ranks while uncovering increasingly horrific shit along the way. It throws all right Wicker Man vibes wrapped in a far more lurid package. 

Apostle stars Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen and will premier at Fantastic Fest before hitting Netflix just in time for the season of spooks and scares on October 12, 2018.

Kyle Yadlosky
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