Trailer: Resident Evil: Retribution 3D


I’ll give it one thing, above all else. The new trailer for Resident Evil: Retirbution 3D certainly isn’t blatantly a commercial for Sony products like the debut trailer. It doesn’t look like it’s going to remotely be a good movie, and I was prepared to sit down here and throw up 200 words of vitriol about how it’s completely contrary to the spirit of the games and how they’ve got more to do with showing off CGI fight scenes with IN YOUR FACE LOOK AT THAT SICKLE GO PAST YOU 3D. That said, clearly the video games have pretty much nothing to do with actual horror at this point, if Resident Evil 5 and what I’ve seen of RE6 is any indicator. 

I don’t understand who these movies are for, since you can get better action and better horror in any one of a million places, but people keep going to them, so they’re going to keep making them. It’s all very fatalistic, artistically speaking. I don’t like it, but this movie isn’t going to be the one to change your mind on the franchise, one way or another.