Trailer: The Skin I Live In


Every new trailer we get to see for Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In just makes it look creepier and creepier and better and better. While we won’t be seeing it until October (and even then that’s a limited release) the buzz coming off the film from Cannes was that it was creeptastic and downright gorgeous. Of course we can expect both of those things from Almodóvar.

Those of you living in America’s hat will have a chance to catch the film about earlier as it has just been announced that Almodóvar will be bringing his work to the Toronto Film Festival. Good news for any Canadians who enjoy watching films about mad doctors who experiment on humans to create a skin that could have saved their dead wives after they die from burns. There’s a lot of Canadians like that, right?

For a full translation of all those Spanish words in the trailer just read on.

[via IndieWire]

There are people obsessed with other people… people who are born with bad luck. And they are the reason that humanity evolves… people who abuse their power… people who have been born to fight… people who live in their violent world and are born TO SURVIVE.

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