Trailer: This is 40


I gotta say, this trailer for Judd Apatow’s new movie left me pretty cold. Part of that, I have to imagine, is the notion that the material on display here, a couple completely at the end of anything that could be called “youth” dealing with their family problems and the changing dynamic of their relationship as they grow older. I understand that this material may resonate better with people closer to that age with kids, so I accept that’s just something that won’t affect me the same way.

At the same time, f**king hell, I’m so tired of Judd Apatow’s family. It was cute when you cast your kids in Knocked Up, obnoxious when you cast them in Funny People, and it hasn’t gotten any better now. I know it’s supposed to be the same family from Knocked Up, but at this point, there’s a fine line between nepotism and “LOOK HOW WONDERFUL AND PRECOCIOUS MY CHILDREN ARE AMERICA F**KING LOOK AT THEM.”

At least there’s half a chance we’ll get to see Paul Rudd’s choccy starfish.