Transformers Origin film on the way, Ant-Man writers now involved


“Yeah, but where did Optimus Prime come from,” I hear you ask. It’s a fantastic question, the answer of which I’m sure shall be filled with pathos and beauty, a story for the ages of one car man fighting the other car man on the planet where cars were never invented. Truly, a beautiful thing it shall be.

The word is that the newly formed Transformers Writing Room will be tackling this very question, one to which we have never had an answer before. They’ve now brought in Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, two of the writers on Ant-Man, in order to bolster their ranks, an are now prepared to find that answer.

But first, they have to get Michael Bay back from shooting his ridiculous Benghazi movie (lol) and shoot Transformers 5. So I think the important thing to remember is that regardless of which ones go ahead, they will be making Transformers movies until you die. Maybe some of us will be lucky enough to live long enough to see them fall.

[via Empire]