Turning Red to skip theaters for a Disney+ release


In a not so surprising move thanks to the surge of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, Disney has announced that Pixar’s Turning Red will be heading to Disney+ in lieu of a traditional theatrical release this March. Scheduled to debut on March 11, 2022, subscribers to Disney’s streaming platform will be able to partake of the latest Pixar creation without having to open their wallet for Disney’s bullshit “Premier Access” scheme.

In a statement given to various outlets, Disney’s Kareem Daniel (chairman of Disney Media & Entertainment distribution) said, “Disney Plus subscribers around the world enthusiastically embraced Pixar’s Academy Award-winning Soul and the critically-acclaimed Luca when they premiered exclusively on the service, and we look forward to bringing them Pixar’s next incredible feature film Turning Red.”

For those unaware, this is now the fourth Pixar film to hit Disney+ without some kind of paid option. When Onward released in early 2020, it quickly got shuffled to paid VOD services, but was conspicuously absent from Disney’s own platform. Soon after, it simply arrived on Disney+ free of charge.

For those at Pixar, it’s likely disheartening to see their hard work getting shuffled onto the SVOD service with basically no return. On the other hand, it also opens the company’s films up to a much wider audience, who will likely make up the deficit by buying loads of merchandise and realizing that Disney’s own animation studio still doesn’t hold a damn candle to Pixar.

At any rate, if you are wondering where Turning Red is at your local theater this Spring, now you’ll know what’s up.

Source: Variety, Twitter

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