TV imitates life in the new Space Force trailer


In a deluge of shows to watch and viewers with nothing but time in which to watch, Netflix released it’s new trailer for its upcoming comedy, Space Force. Brought to you by a reunited Greg Daniels and Steve Carell (the two worked together on The Office), Space Force tails Carell’s Mark Naird, a four-star general who gets a promotion as head of the newest branch of the Armed Forces. The snickers elicited at the military roundtable reveal the disbelief and absurdity of it all.

The Carell goofballness is in full effect. Kicking his feet up he accidentally initiates a launch sequence (not to be confused with a lanch party). Naird sounds like Carell amping Agent Michael Scarn up a couple notches and misfiring on punchlines. It’s a parody on a seemingly unnecessary decision, poking fun at the very idea that any one country should be the sole ruling entity in something as vast and unknowing as space.

But as we see in the trailer Naird has hope and a strong support system around him, namely in his wife and daughter played by Lisa Kudrow and Diana Silvers. They’re joined by a wrecking ball of castmates, including John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and recently passed legend Fred Willard.

Space Force comes to Netflix on May 29th.


Nick Hershey