Two new images of Twilight 5, the shortest one currently


This summer I went on an endeavor to read through all four of the Twilight books for some reason and it has warped my perception of things. While the first Twilight was kind of good, the others left me hanging. The fifth and final film of the series looks to change all of that by promising to be good despite the book’s lackluster ending.  

In an interview with MTV News (which also provides two new pics you can check out in the gallery), Bill Condon let loose some slight details about the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part II, or Twilight 5 (which is how I will be referring to it from now on). Mainly how he’s handling the climax of the film, and how the creepily sexy vampire (but horribly named) child Renesmee’s powers are portrayed:

Her power, she touches somebody and she can show them what’s in her head and that you develop. There are some visual things, but a lot of that is done through Carter Burwell’s score, but then just recently in the mixing Dane Davis…he had her just speak and read poetry and things like that, and he’s turned it into hundreds of tracks. You don’t actually hear words but it becomes the chattering of her [voice], it’s a very abstract effect that I’ve never heard before.

Regardless of how the last flick actually turns out, it will at least look cool. Reportedly, Stephanie Meyer went back and re-wrote the ending for the film, so that might be so bad *cough cough*. Oh well. At least according to Condon, Twilight 5 is currently the shortest film of the Twilight saga. It’s currently clocking a minute less than the one that started all of this. Goody. 

[via MTV News]