Uma Thurman gets creepy and cultish in first trailer for Netflix heart-transplant horror Chambers


Chambers | Season 1 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

I’m getting some real Twin Peaks vibes off this one. Maybe it’s just the shot of a burning photograph, but there’s some eerie horror at play in this trailer for season one of Netflix’s Chambers.

It starts off a bit hokey for my tastes with Sasha Yazzie (Sivan Alyra Rose) facing near-death due to a sudden heart attack. Then, comes her natural wanting to know who the heart belonged to, and parents of the donor, Ben (Tony Goldwyn) and Nancy Lefevry (Uma Thurman) getting too close for comfort. That’s all kind of tawdry thriller stuff that I don’t get too into–but then comes the blood cult and body horror to save the day!

The collage of final shots opens up plenty of interesting witchcraft doors. Are these people a cult? Did they kill their own daughter to offer her heart? Is this some sort of possession ritual? Once you commit to a supernatural angle, the sky is really the limit. It’s what made Twin Peaks so interesting and unpredictable, and it certainly works here.

Chambers feels more like a mini-series than a story that would need multiple seasons to me, but I’m nonetheless interested to see how this mystery unravels when the show premiers on April 26, 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
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