Uncharted: the search for the hidden director


In the Uncharted video game series, adventurer Nathan Drake roams the far ends of the Earth in search of ancient artifacts from ancient civilizations with ancient secrets. In all his traveling and near-death experiences, Drake sought out the treasure of El Dorado, a giant sapphire, true love, and retirement. Never, in all his galavanting endeavors, was a film director the center of his search. For his adventure to hit the big screen, the revolving door of directors needs to be stopped.

The movie adaptation of the popular franchise is off to a rockier start than the game’s opening sequence. There have been many comings and goings, the most recent in yet another director bowing out. Travis Knight was the hope to salve the sting of rotating directors, but unfortunately scheduling conflicts resulted in his leaving production. With Tom Holland portraying a young Drake, all revolves around his time with another Sony property about some guy with spider-like abilities. Because of this, Knight chose to move on. 

At this time there isn’t a clear candidate to take over the captainless vessel, but given that Holland and Mark Walhberg remain part of the crew should inspire confidence. Unfortunately for fans awaiting the film, yet another wrench in the gears pushes back its potential release for when it is finally made. 

Schedule Problem Knocks Travis Knight From Helming Sony’s ‘Uncharted’ With Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg [Deadline]

Nick Hershey