Universal shifts around multiple horror films, including Halloween Kills, due to COVID-19


We’re all just going to have to wait a bit longer to yell, “Don’t go in there, you idiot!” Universal has announced that their surprisingly strong lineup of horror movies coming out has been delayed. Most importantly, Halloween Kills and its sequel Halloween Ends have been pushed an entire year due to coronavirus delays and the other.

The delays are from a domino effect of release dates changing, which is becoming an all too familiar sight as the US continues to be a bunch of maskless idiots forcing longer and longer delays in reopening. The initial trigger, in this case, is the already completed Candyman moving from Sept. 15, 2020, to Oct. 16., 20202. That was Halloween Kills release date but that film isn’t even complete yet and so is moving to Oct. 15, 2021. That, in turn, pushed its sequel to Oct. 14, 2022.

Then, just completely giving up the ghost, is Blumhouse’s The Forever Purge, the next film in the long-lasting Purge franchise. That film has just said screw it and is moving from a July release date this year all the way to July 9 of 2021. Universal clearly doesn’t see theaters re-opening any time soon and has decided to pull these relatively small horror films to time frames they think they can actually get returns on them.

Of course, the real sign of coronavirus destroying the film industry isn’t a collection of horror films but whether or not Tenet will ever release. My money is slowly shifting to no.

Source: MSNBC

Matthew Razak
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