UPDATE: A whole heap of Amazing Spider-Man 2 photos


UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly, after releasing the first look at the cover, have released a whole heap of new Amazing Spider-Man 2 photos. Now we have a better look at Jamie Foxx’s Electro (he has a chip or something in his head), more Emma Stone and Dane DeHaan (which is always wonderful), and a better (and fuller) look at Spider-Man’s updated look. He’s not longer a basketball! The new images are in the gallery. Original story below.  

Because this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is hitting soon, start expecting all sorts of new information. Here’s the first official look (not including those set photos) of Jamie Foxx in his full blown Electro (the main villain for AS2 as far as we know) makeup for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. As far as I can tell, it’s a pretty faithful recreation of Electro’s comic book look, and coupled with Spidey’s new outfit, just looks amazing. 

The first film may have been rough, but now that we’re past the awkward origin stage, we’re finally going to see what Marc Webb can take a Spider-Man story. If not, at least Jamie Foxx is in Purpleface. And we’re getting two more anyway, so get used to it.