UPDATE: Amazing Spider-Man 2 poster has all the villains


[UPDATE: A higher res version of the poster has been added to the gallery. Take note that it does spoil the film’s villains as Amazing Spider-Man 2 seemingly goes to the Spider-Man 3 school of “throw every villain ever into the film.” But hey, maybe it won’t blow up in their face this time. At least hold off judgment until the first trailer for the sequel hits on December 5th. Original story below.]

In a move that makes my inner super fan scream till his ears bleed, it seems the powers that be have seen fit to make Spider Man villain, Rhino, in the upcoming sequel to the The Amazing Spider-man, an actual Rhino. Scratch that, a giant mechanical rhino a la “Ultimate Spider-Man” Comics but more rhino-y.

The poster that was spotted by Jeser Piedra depicts not 2, but 3 villains; Rhino, Electro and [possible spoiler redacted]. While we have heard allot of news around Electro, Played by Jamie Foxx, [bad guy number two] and Rhino have been a bit of a mystery. We are still not totally sure if [probably figured it out by now] is going to be Norman Osborn, played by Chris Cooper, or if they are going to take liberties and go with his son, Harry Osborn, played by Dane DeHaan. We should be seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters May 2, 2014.

[via ComicBookMovie.com]