(Updated) After some concern, The Irishman will hit theaters and Netflix in November

[Update: An update by the New York Film Festival has confirmed the runtime of Scorsese’s crime epic to be 210 minutes, or exactly three-and-a-half hours. While some may balk at the runtime, it feels an expected outcome. Back in 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street hit the three-hour mark, and Scorsese’s Casino from 1995 hit 178 minutes of bone-shattering wiseguy drama. The NYFF does note that the “runtime is subject to change,” as any film in the weeks before release can get a cut here or an additional moment there. For now though, Scorsese’s got the longest narrative film of his career on his hands.]

After a few months of debate over the release schedule for Martin Scorsese’s return to the mob film, Netflix has confirmed the Robert DeNiro-led gangster epic will be hitting theaters November 1st, weeks before its availability on the streaming service.

Talks had started once again between the streaming titan and major theaters chains AMC and Cineplex over theatrical distribution of the film, after negotiations had previously broken down. Netflix has confirmed today that the film will open in limited release on November 1st in New York and Los Angeles, with further rollout beginning the following week on the 8th. The number of theaters The Irishman will ultimately screen in remains unclear, though is would seem Netflix is looking to push Scorsese’s film as a major awards-contender.

With last year’s Roma receiving a similar theatrical-then-streaming release, and then going on to sweep at the 2019 Academy Awards, Netflix might be learning to respect the theatrical experience.

Following its release to theaters, The Irishman will be made available to stream on November 27th–just in time for Thanksgiving. Nothing says “family” and “thankful” like the family, and thankful to not be wearing concrete shoes. 

The Irishman will be making its world premiere at the New York Film Festival on September 27th.

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