Marvel drops new WandaVision trailer coming soon to Disney+


We haven’t seen much of WandaVison apart from a clip and poster since it was first announced to be heading to Disney+. Out of nowhere tonight, Disney dropped a new trailer and it leaves me with one question: why? Why does it have 1950s sitcom creepy vibes? What is going on here? and how is Vision alive following Endgame?

I think Marvel and Disney+ did their job with getting us to tune in to the weirdness that will be WandaVision. I didn’t think the MCU could go completely bonkers but here we are with this new franchise. Will I watch it? You bet! Will MCU fans craving new content watch it? I guarantee it. No matter how odd this new show may appear to be there clearly are layers upon layers to uncover here. In a time where new content has been literally at a standstill, we will take what we can get.

Now, although we have no official premiere date, according to Polygon it is set to hit Disney+ before the end of 2020. This trailer is honestly one of the weirdest things I have watched in a long time (and I have seen many many weird trailers in the past). What I do love about this trailer is little nods to Scarlett Witch’s original costume along with Visions look both from the comic books.

You may need to watch the trailer a few times because so much is going on it is hard to keep up but it’s worth watching. All I can say at the end of the day is let’s get ready for the wild ride that WandaVision is gearing up to give us.

Source: YouTube

Tarah Bleier
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