WandaVision director will helm the next Star Trek film


Though the prospect of a fourth Star Trek was looking dicey not too long ago (remember when Tarantino was on it?), Paramount has seemingly lined up Matt Shakman–most recently of WandaVision–to direct the next film in the juggernaut sci-fi franchise.

Shakman directed all nine episodes of WandaVision, Disney’s first foray into a serialized shot of an MCU fix. Hot off of its multiple Emmy nominations (including Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series), WandaVision would seem to have lead Shakman to boldly go where he’s not gone before; Star Trek would be the first feature film for the veteran television director (previously of Game of Thrones and Fargo).

The script for the untitled Trek (whether or not it follows 2016’s Star Trek Beyond remains to be seen) comes from Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, striking other rumored scripts from Tarantino and Noah Hawley from the docket.

No further details beyond the director/writer team have been revealed for the next Star Trek, and with so many projects announced and faded from memory one could be forgiven for a lack of immediate excitement. Nonetheless, in a world where Star Wars seems to be all-in on television, it’s nice to see another galaxy far, far away living and prospering on the big screen.

For more details, stay tuned.

Source: Deadline