Watch the Last Jedi and Force Awakens trailers side by side for Star Wars teaser symmetry


The first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi brought the hype. There’s some beautiful imagery as Rey trains with Luke Skywalker; ditto when those landspeeders leave brilliant red smoke in their wake while racing across a desert planet. I especially liked that rearrangement of John Williams’ score, which intertwined the iconic “Force Theme” with Rey and Kylo Ren’s respective leitmotifs.

I spotted this video online recently that plays a recut trailer for The Force Awakens beside the trailer for The Last Jedi. Watch:

Again, The Force Awakens trailer on the left isn’t official and differs from teaser trailers and full trailers that were released. Still, this is a nice bit of fan servicey stuff.

George Lucas, what do you think of this fearful symmetry?

George Lucas "Poetry"

[via The Playlist on Twitter]

Hubert Vigilla
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