Watch the Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer from San Diego Comic-Con


When last we saw our friends (aka the most unfortunate human beings ever) during the finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead way back on April 3, we were left in what some in the industry like to call … a cliffhanger.

Someone was gonna die, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was gonna do it, and we were gonna have to wait half a year to find out who met the beautifully adorned end of Negan’s favorite baseball bat, Lucille. With that decided lack of information, and a corresponding amount of anticipation, it’s with great relief that TWD show-runners chose the San Diego Comic-Con as a venue to release a tasty preview of what’s to come in season 7.

What begins with a recap of all the potential Negan victims (basically every character we could care about minus Carol and Morgan) and spells terrible teaser trailer quickly morphs into much, much more. No spoilers. Watch for yourself. The only disappointment is they must avoid showing footage of the Alexandrians in action for that would reveal who had not been killed by Negan, and subsequently, who may have been. That cliffhanger continues friends.

After seeing the trailer, who do you think Negan beat the bloody hell out of?

[Via AMC]
The Walking Dead: Season 7 Comic-Con 2016 Official Trailer