WB drops Friday the 13th and South Park for Interstellar


There has been an interesting development regarding Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Warner Bros. is now co-producing the film alongside of Paramount Pictures, but at a price. In order for Warner Bros. to get a piece of the action, they had to relinquish rights to a new Friday the 13th sequel as well as a second South Park movie to Paramount. But here’s a catch for Paramount, the sequels that they picked up have to be made in the next five years or Warner Bros. get the rights back.

Now because of this five year deadline, it seems that the world may be seeing a Friday the 13th reboot sequel and another South Park movie relatively soon. Tick tock Paramount, tick tock.

It appears that Warner Bros. is taking a rather risky move giving up two movie rights which could be pretty big for access to another Nolan film. Are they expecting Paramount to not be able to release those two movies in five years? What does everyone else think?

[via /Film]