We Need to Talk About Kevin posters have classic style


Our review of We Need to Talk About Kevin shows that what the movie may fail at being an art film talking about intrinsic evilness, it makes up for in being a relatively enjoyable horror. These new posters seems to be embracing that by seemingly playing off of the 1968 poster for the classic evil child horror Rosemary’s Baby. Which I’ve included in the gallery bellow.

The greenish, sepia color schemes are really similar in the posters, and the haunting shadow of the mothers looming behind the symbolic child also have connections. Personally, I think I actually like the original Rosemary’s Baby poster better than the two for We Need to Talk About Kevin, since I like the idea of keeping the face of the devil-child a mystery, but the embryo in the womb with horns and a devil tail is a bit too overt for me.

[via First Showing]