Wonder Woman 1984 gets a colorful as hell first poster


It’s been a long time since we’ve last heard about Wonder Woman 1984, hasn’t it? Originally slated for November of this year, it was eventually pushed back for a June 2020 release date, leaving a big Patty Jenkins shaped hole in our hearts. Looking back on Wonder Woman after two years, I think I can safely say that it deserved all of the praise that it got. Not only that, but I feel like it’s a far more empowering movie than Captain Marvel ever was, which confirms we are living in a parallel universe when I said that the DCEU (or one of them) was better than the MCU. That must mean we live on Earth-3, where good is bad and bad is good. 

Anyway, earlier today, in order to celebrate one year until Wonder Woman 1984 releases, Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to make a few announcements about the movie. First was that DC would not be hosting a Hall-H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which is a bummer. Also, we probably won’t see a trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 until December when the marketing campaign is supposed to begin, but to make up for it, we got the first poster for the movie, which I’m really digging!

Wondy is sporting a new costume that just looks right for her. I like the sleek, golden design of it that feels wholly original. If I squint my eyes I can say that maybe it looks like some of her battle gear when she rarely decides to don it, but this looks much more compartmentalized and stylish. Plus those colors! This is a poster that feels chaotic, but the assault on your eyes works because it draws you to the gold on Diana’s costume. I guess my one complaint would be that if the movie is set in 1984 the color scheme reminds me more of the 60’s than the 80’s, but that’s a minor complaint to a teaser poster that has me interested in what the movie will eventually look like. DC has been a roll recently with their movies, so I guess now we’ll have to see if they can keep the quality consistent with Joker and this. 

Wonder Woman 1984 releases June 5, 2020. 

Jesse Lab
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