Wondercon footage of Green Lantern is SO AWESOME!


Green Lantern hasn’t been the most exciting-looking project of the huge number of comic book properties hitting the screen this summer, but that may have just changed. This video is an edited-down version of the footage shown at Wondercon yesterday. It evidently changed a lot of minds in San Francisco, and it just changed one right here. I watched this and, while the CG in Ryan Reynold’s suit needs a little more work (and it apparently is getting more work), it looks fantastic. There’s all sorts of little shout-outs to Green Lantern Corps fans, especially in the scenes showing all of the Corps gathered together. I think I saw Ch’P somewhere in there! There’s also a lot of devastation going on in Coast City, probably from the invasion of Parallax. It looks like s**t is going to get real.

This just went from “Man, I’m worried this character I love will suck,” to “F**K YEAH!,” in the span of just over four minutes. No telling how much of this footage is going to be part of the trailer that’s, oddly enough, going to be in front of Thor next month, but this certainly feels like a pretty good trailer. I am so pumped for this right now, guys.

[Via Apple Trailers]