The World Ends With You anime set for an April 2021 premiere


This morning has been chock full of news surrounding The World Ends With You. Not only did we get confirmation of a brand new video game sequel, but the hotly anticipated anime adaptation of the original title is now set to premiere in April 2021 in Japan.

For international distribution, Funimation is set to handle the localization and will likely it air it on either its own platform or Crunchy Roll. There hasn’t been a confirmation of a simulcast, but with Funimation named so far in advance, we can probably expect at least a subtitled release within the first few weeks of The World Ends With You’s premiere.

Alongside this announcement was a brand new trailer that showed off the very beginning of the series. Set in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan around 2008, the whole premise of this game was something of a countdown timer to your death. Main character Neku needed to team up with various other kids and solve a mystery that would prevent them from getting erased. Think that Justin Timberlake film In Time, just not terrible.

I’m not sure how the final release will fare, but early signs are promising. With original character designers Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi returning to help guide this project, we’re probably in for one of the more faithful anime adaptations in a long time.

Source: YouTube, Siliconera

Peter Glagowski
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