World of Warcraft is getting an official animated series really soon


Who knew that 2020 would be the year of video game adaptations? In a surprise announcement from publisher Activision Blizzard, the insanely popular World of Warcraft series will be getting an animated series soon…like, this week, soon!

Set to debut on August 27, 2020, Afterlives is a new series that delves into the history of the land of Azaroth and gets players up to speed on what is happening in the new World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands. A project like this may have been rumored for a while (I’m not entirely sure), but it only makes sense for the brand.

A few years back, the Warcraft film launched and was set to kickstart a saga of films that would flesh out the history of the brand. While it bombed at the box office, Activision Blizzard was likely still working behind the scenes to get another film or series greenlit. Since Hollywood doesn’t want a piece of the pie, why not just develop the series yourself?

There’s not much else known about this series other than that it will debut this week as part of the upcoming Gamescom 2020 convention. We’ll probably get an official episode count and learn if this will be an ongoing thing or just a one-off.

Source: YouTube

Peter Glagowski
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