YouTube pursues Hollywood with movie on demand service


While YouTube has allowed users to watch and rent some movies in the past, its selection has to this day been pretty limited. That being said, it’s nice that almost all of the titles included are free to stream. However, that’s about to change:

“YouTube will imminently launch a movie-on-demand service charging users to stream mainstream Hollywood movies off the world’s largest video sharing site … The service may start as early as this week or next, and is expected to be announced soon by YouTube.”

According to TheWrap, Fox and Paramount aren’t ready to move forward with YouTube’s rental service plans yet, but Warner Bros., Sony, and Universal will all be involved at its launch. Disney’s still up in the air, but I’m not; I don’t see YouTube ever overcoming Netflix in the streaming movies market. I believe that no company is ever too big to be dethroned from the top spot, as McDonalds has recently shown, but now is not the time and YouTube is not the one. I just cant see myself going to YouTube to watch a movie in the future, but that’s coming from a guy who rarely uses Hulu. What do you think?

[Via TheWrap]