Zach Snyder is making a zombie movie for Netflix


Zack Synder, two words recently synonymous with everything wrong with the DC Extended Universe—at least until Aquaman swam along and gave it all CPR. It’s easy to forget that prior to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or even Man of Steel, Snyder wasa highly stylized director, if not an auteur, who created badass movies. Even easier to forget is that Snyder’s first feature was 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. Thus, it’s really no surprise that Snyder’s first attempt at another feature is another zombie flick. It even has familiar name, something Bruce Campbell meets Georgeo Romero: Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead is set in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas.  George Clooney A man gathers a group of thieves mercenaries to take the ultimate gamble: venture into the quarantine zone to rob three casinos at once pull off the greatest heist ever attempted. So, Ocean’s 11: Zombies, or maybe Ocean’s: Patient 0? Either way, I’m stoked. Before critics took Snyder to task for his version of DC, he’d made 300Watchmen and Sucker Punch, three awesome action flicks that maximize their screen time with visual effects. I’m thrilled to imagine Synder taking his lens to a zombie outbreak scenario. Throw in a little plot twist via the heist genre and this could be an equal to or better version of last year’s surprisingly fun Overlord.

Synder has promised that Netflix is giving him full control to do what he wants, and without an attached mythos present in, say, a comic book adaptation, and a purported budget up to $90 million, and there’s plenty to look forward to.

What do you think of Synder’s foray back into filmmaking? Excited? Have zombies worn out their welcome, or are we just looking for a more original zombie story? Let us know in the comments.

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