Adam Sandler’s next Netflix movie, The Meyerowitz Stories, has a trailer


Here’s a dirty little secret Adam Sandler seems intent on keeping under wraps: the man can act. Back in the day he seemed to be on the verge of pulling his comedy career into something more with films like Punch Drunk Love, but then he found out there wasn’t much money in it and instead went out and made a string of insanely bad, but really successful comedies. Those of us who remember a Sandler who can deliver both comedy and drama have been waiting for a his return. The Meyerowitz Stories may be it.

With prolific dramedy director Noah Baumbach taking the realms of the film, and an insanely talented cast jumping in I think we might not only get Sandler’s first truly good Netflix film, but his first truly good movie since Reign Over Me (fight me). This one looks like it’s going to get pretty dark, but Baumbach is incredibly good at interlacing personal stories with comedic touches, and Ben Stiller and Elizabeth Marvel are just fantastic casting choices.

With Sandy Wexler not being the worst thing ever, and this movie looking to turn out really good, could we be seeing an actual return of Sandler to some sort of respectability or will he simply make a Ridiculous Six sequel and call it a day from here on out?

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

Matthew Razak
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