After the Credits: (Film) Festival Fatigue

Thoughts on (film) festival fatigue and film festivals in general

When you watch a lot of movies in a short period of time, you get a little tired. When you’re covering a lot of festivals (and thus seeing a lot of a lot of movies) in a short period of time, you get completely exhausted. Festival fatigue, which is a term usually reserved for music festivals, sets in. Hubert and I first started talking about it over a year ago, and I floated the idea of doing a video discussion of it with the two of us. It didn’t happen back then, and it took another half dozen festivals before we were finally able to finally talk this through.

Unlike last time, we didn’t have anyone holding the camera. I had to MacGyver a tripod out of a bag, a random fence in Chinatown, and a copy of World War Z. Because of its placement, there are a few moments of wind. Considering this is the camera’s built in mic, I’m actually surprised there isn’t more. So good on you, camera. 

As for other things on Flixist… well, it was another light week this week (summer starting to wind down and all that), but there was still stuff worth paying attention to. That can be found below.

[This week’s film is A Trip to the Moon]

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