Borat 2 is real, and it’s already been filmed


Everyone’s favorite Kazakh world-traveler is gearing up once again, with Collider reporting that not only does Borat 2 exist, but it’s already been completed and screened, even!

Though details are minimal, the story goes that Borat-channeler Sasha Baron Cohen has of course returned for the sequel, which focuses on the hapless journalist going “undercover,” having ascended to stardom following the 2006 film.

The film has undergone a secretive production, having already been edited and screened for “industry types,” some of who described the new film as “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen.”

The original film, whose central character spun off of Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show, was something of a cultural phenomenon back in 2006. Borat‘s ascension to popular fame almost coincides with the rise of social media, its docufiction comedy comparable to the likes of YouTube or even the sort of stuff you find on TikTok or Twitter these days. It’ll be interesting to see whether Borat 2 captures as much of the collective interest when it’s properly unveiled.

The 2006 film was directed by Larry Charles, who followed up as Baron Cohen’s director on subsequent comedies Brüno (2009) and The Dictator (2012). It’s unclear at this time whether Charles was involved with Borat 2‘s production. Also unclear is how Borat 2 will be released, with the first film originally distributed by 20th Century Fox, which is of course now owned by The Walt Disney Company (and known simply as 20th Century Studios). Disney dropping another nude hotel brawl alongside the likes of Baby Yoda later this year seems… improbable.

A world as raunchy and strange as Borat’s deserves equally-strange news: Here in the form of an unofficial YouTube video is footage that apparently captures footage of Borat 2 filming in Los Angeles in August.

Borat 2 | Filming on the streets (2020)

Perhaps the hero we need during these troubling times.

Source: Collider