Come take a look at Lebron in his new Space Jam jersey


Enough time keeps passing where I keep forgetting that Space Jam: A New Legacy is actually real and is actually happening. I will fully confess that I watched the original Space Jam religiously as a kid despite having zero interest in basketball. I just wanted to see the Looney Tunes be wacky and get into mischief, which is exactly what I got. Now, Space Jam: A New Legacy seems to be putting much more emphasis on the basketball talents involved rather than the cartoons.

We’ve heard about the athletic prowess of the cast, as well as the talent involved in the production, but we haven’t seen any of the classic Looney Tunes characters yet outside of name dropping Bugs Bunny. I mean, I understand why. The Looney Tunes are eternally popular, but star Lebron James will never be as popular or have as much longevity as Bugs, Daffy, or the Roadrunner. That trend in the marketing continues as today we got our first look at the uniforms that the Tune Squad, Lebron’s Looney Tunes inspired basketball team, will be wearing.


Yup. That sure is a jersey. I mean, I like the color composition a bit more than the original jerseys, which were just plain white with a logo in the middle, but these uniforms just seem horribly off-balance. The blue is nice, but the giant, obnoxious, orange circle to the side is jarring. Then again, this is my first time ever critiquing a basketball player’s uniform, so what do I know? I just call it as I see it and I’m left indifferent by these jerseys. Then again, there’s no conceivable way that this should/would be a deal-breaker for any diehard Space Jam or Lebron fan. Just wait for a trailer to make your judgment on the movie.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will release on July 16, 2021.

Jesse Lab
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