First look at Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Netflix’s Murder Mystery


So far the Adam Sandler/Netflix team up has delivered unto us almost nothing worth of any value. It has, according to Netflix, delivered them great streaming success, but for the viewer its mostly been terrible comedy after terrible comedy that seem created simply to cast Sandler’s friends and keep them employed. However, even a broken clock…

Maybe it will take Jennifer Aniston, another actor who has found success on Netflix through Friends re-runs and Dumplin‘, to make a good one with the actor. She’s in Sandler’s newest Netflix movie, Murder Mystery, which seems to be an elaborate attempt to make an episode of Murder She Wrote without Angela Lansbury. Sandler plays a cop who is finally taking his wife (Aniston) on a European vacation. However, thanks to a chance encounter, the pair end up on a boat where a millionaire is murdered and they find themselves the prime suspects. Comedy of some sort will ensue as the pair try to figure out who the real murderer is. 

I’m not especially holding out hope for a truly funny movie here, but maybe we’ll get some that’s at the very least entertaining. Sandler’s “NYC Cop Mustache” doesn’t give me much hope, though. 

Murder Mystery lands on Netflix in June. 

Matthew Razak
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