Hawkeye Disney+ series may have Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop


With the onslaught of news from Marvel Studios regarding their Disney+ offerings, it was a bit surprising that the Hawkeye show was missing a key bit of casting. Clint Barton, played by actor and social media app failure Jeremy Renner, will be joined by the character of Kate Bishop in a mentor-mentee role, and now Variety reports that Hailee Steinfeld has been offered that pivotal role.

Bishop is a member of the Young Avengers in the comic books, with the famous Hawkeye series run by Matt Fraction (which I recently started reading, by the way) focusing on Barton and Bishop in the city fighting low-level criminals instead of supervillains, while still maintaining a student-teacher dynamic. How this show will work is beyond me, seeing how Clint is on a freaking farm with a family instead of being a bachelor in the gritty city.

However they approach it, Steinfeld would be a good choice. She was absolutely an acting powerhouse in True Grit, being a child actress opposite Jeff goddamn Bridges. And while Bumblebee didn’t blow me away, Steinfeld made for an excellent and relatable lead in this blockbuster film. Steinfeld would be quite busy if she took the role, as she’ll be portraying Emily Dickinson in Dickinson for the competing Apple TV+ service.

The series also recently nabbed a showrunner in writer Jonathan Igla, an alum from Mad Men. Should Steinfeld be our Kate Bishop, she would almost certainly be featured in the films as well.

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