Sony believes Monster Hunter will release in December 2020


In a completely unprecedented move, the upcoming Monster Hunter film is now back on track for a 2020 release after getting delayed into 2021. Back in July, Sony announced that it would be delaying Monster Hunter into April 2021 as Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was ready to put the city back into lockdown. That would have clashed with its originally intended September 2020 release, so it made sense.

For whatever reason, Sony now thinks theaters will be open in December and intends to let viewers experience this “epic” on the big screen. I’m not sure what the company is thinking, especially since numerous different chains have announced closures well into 2021, but I appreciate the optimism. It’s definitely misplaced, but I like that enthusiasm.

Per a report from Deadline, the date change was in the works before MGM decided to push back No Time To Die into April. Maybe with James Bond’s second delay occuping the same space as Monster Hunter, Sony decided to move things up so it wouldn’t have direct competition. Seeing as how basically nothing will be out (I have no hope that Wonder Woman 1984 will stick to its Christmas date), I guess people will possibly want to see something.

Source: Deadline

Peter Glagowski
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