Netflix announces a Castlevania spin-off


Netflix’s premiere vamp-violence adaptation of Konami’s Castlevania will be getting a new spin-off series following its acclaimed four-season run on the platform. The fourth season of Castlevania premiered this May, wrapping up Trevor Belmont’s classic feud with big bad Dracula… For now.

Set to star Richter Belmont, descendant of Trevor and Sypha, the new Castlevania series is to be set during the French Revolution, taking us some 300 years into the future following the original four seasons. Details beyond the novel setting are sparse, but the fact that Richter (star of the best Castlevania game) is onboard should be enough for fans to start speclating. My theory: Garlic will be smelt and wooden stakes will be dealt.

Castlevania studio Powerhouse Animation will continue to develop the spin-off, overseen by Kevin Kolde’s Project 51 Productions. Sam and Adam Deats, longtime animators and directors on Castlevania, will direct the new spin-off.

Castlevania arguably led the charge for Netflix’s push into anime-styled series and game adaptions, with original series like Yasuke and a season of Dragon’s Dogma (based off of the Capcom video game) doing well for the streaming titan. With season four of Castlevania doing as well as ever, more vampire killin’ makes a world of sense. Stay tuned for more details on the new Castlevania spin-off, and hope that, just maybe, Konami will look into a new Castlevania, y’know, video game.

Source: Deadline