Premiere of World Beyond, the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off, has been delayed


As the film and television industry–really, every industry–continues to grapple with the debilitating global COVD-19 pandemic, AMC’s flagship apocalypse is being put on hold for the time being.

The word comes from the official Twitter for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the upcoming spin-off series that was originally set to premiere on April 12th. A new date for the “limited event” has not yet been set.

Announced at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con, World Beyond is every bit the zombie-slashing affair fans know and love, but meant to convey a cast of characters for whom the end of the world was sort of just the beginning. The zombie apocalypse ended one world order, and started a new one which has problems. Just like we have today. 

It’s an interesting delay to be made while the world is being ravaged by a very-real, fatal virus. Television, beamed into our homes in the age of social distancing, would be thought to be a safe bet for studios to continue to rake in some revenue. The box offices sure aren’t collecting. But given The Walking Dead‘s predilection for end-of-society escapades, it seems likely that AMC is holding off in the name of good taste.

Featuring episodes directed by Kong: Skull Island (and, if things pan out, Metal Gear Solid) director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, World Beyond will feature two seasons of ten episodes. Hence “limited.”

For more updates, stay tuned.

Tweet by @TWDWorldBeyond [Twitter]