Tenet is heading to HBO Max despite Nolan’s distaste for streaming


The severely disappointing Tenet from director Christopher Nolan is heading to HBO Max on May 1, 2021. While that’s likely good for people that want to see the film without catching COVID-19, it becomes a little ironic when you consider that Nolan recently called the streaming service the “worst streaming service.”

Nolan is known for his distaste of modern technologies and people viewing films on mobile devices, so it’s not really surprising that he would be against Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. What makes Tenet’s arrival on the service so humorous is because it highlights how much of a hypocrite he is. Maybe Nolan didn’t give the okay for the film to be available to stream (that was likely a studio mandate), but he’s also not doing anything to prevent it from premiering on a service he supposedly hates.

Whatever the story is, now you can check out this late-period Nolan film that was overhyped to hell and underdelivered on pretty much every front. Maybe one day I’ll get sucked into the hype that is Christopher Nolan, but I’m not sure Tenet is going to be the movie to do so. If anything, I feel like the wool has been pulled from my eyes after watching it.

Source: Twitter

Peter Glagowski
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