The Netflix-produced Witcher series rides this Fall


Do we need a live-action representation of The Witcher? If it’s done with good intentions and a passion for the source, then sure, why not? Kids love their medieval violence (what’s that game show they all love?) and we certainly never have enough monster hunting on-screen. So sure! Let’s see if Geralt can woo us all this Fall.

Responding to an earnings question, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos said of the series we’ll “start seeing later in the fourth quarter some of our bigger film investments coming through like… a big new original series that we’re currently shooting in Hungary called ‘The Witcher,’ that is an enormous European IP, very popular game and Book IP, that we think is going to make a really fun global series.” For the Fall Sarandos also mentions Martin Scorsese’s long-gestating Jimmy Hoffa film The Irishman and Michael Bay’s latest action-fest Six Underground.

As for witchy-Witcher, that’s starring moustacheless Superman Henry Cavill as the titular monster hunter. We caught a first glimpse of Cavill in kit last year, to some mixed response. At least it isn’t as bad as Kate Mara’s Fantastic Four wig!

Netflix is no doubt eyeing some of those post-Game of Thrones blues viewers will be feeling after that ends in May, so we shall see if Geralt can cut the mustard later this year.

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