The Week Of trailer puts Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in a car

The Week Of | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

The Netflix/Adam Sandler contract is about to rear its ugly head once again, but this time, just maybe, we’re going to get something interesting out of it when The Week Of lands. So far the deal has netted Sandler with tons of money and Netflix a lot of viewers, but no good movies. The closest thing was Sandy Wexler, and that was far from good.

The Week Of looks a bit different, though. Sandler isn’t doing a stupid voice, it’s not a parody, and judging from this trailer the comedy is going to come from comedians riffing, not terrible gags. It also looks like it may tread that line between drama and comedy where Sandler is actually his best. When tasked with actually delivering something good the man can, which is why I get hopeful when something even looks remotely solid. Hopefully, Sandler and Chris Rock can deliver something that’s funny here.

Matthew Razak
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