The Witcher – Season Two production halted after multiple positive COVID tests


It seems Netflix can’t catch a break when it comes to The Witcher – Season Two. Having suffered a delay earlier in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the streaming juggernaut confirmed that production has been halted on the follow-up season after four crew members tested positive for COVID-19. None of the main cast has been affected, but everyone is receiving an isolated round of testing to ensure no one else is infected.

At the moment, Netflix has no timeframe for when filming will resume. It has told press that once it feels confident that the set is fully safe, then production will continue. Being that The Witcher was able to withstand a delay of around five months before, Netflix is clearly not going to rush things just to resume filming.

At this point, I think it would be wise to put production on hold until after 2020. With COVID cases spiking across the world, it doesn’t seem like now is the best time to be filming movies or TV shows. For the safety of the cast and crew, Netflix should consider postponing The Witcher indefinitely while we ride out this storm. The brand is popular enough that fans will patiently wait for any new material.

Source: Deadline

Peter Glagowski
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