Walking Dead producers working on Streets of Rage, Altered Beast adaptations


Sega and Stories International announced plans to adapt more than 40 Sega properties (including the likes of Golden Axe and Crazy Taxi) a few years ago, but we haven’t heard many rumblings until this year with films based on ShinobiRent-A-Hero, and Sonic the Hedgehog moving forward. Well, these next projects aren’t what I expected to get the push next but hey anything’s possible. 

According to Polygon, Sega and Stories International are working with The Walking Dead’s executive producers to develop “entertainment adaptations” of Streets of Rage and Altered Beast. I’m pretty sure these beat ’em up games would be better suited for weekly adventures on TV, but I could totally see a 90 minute Streets of Rage movie working if they went the Kung Fury route and had fun with its retro premise. 

[via Polygon]