Wonder Woman 1984 passes $118 million globally


It’s bizarre to read a story where a $200 million film making $5.5 million in one weekend is a success, but that’s just the luck that Wonder Woman 1984 has been saddled with. Despite plummeting in revenue domestically, the follow-up to 2017’s Wonder Woman has managed to climb past $118 million globally after performing relatively well in international markets. I guess Warner Bros. will take what it can get since I’m surprised that people are making the trip out anywhere.

As for how the film has been performing on HBO Max, that’s incredibly difficult to say. WB is quick to note that it has been “successful,” but social media backlash to the film has been fast and loud. On average, most fans weren’t pleased with the less than stellar film and many have called it “the worst film of 2020.” I dare them to watch Vanguard and tell me that is still true, but it’s hard to deny that Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t live up to expectations.

As for films that don’t star Gal Gadot, pretty much everything bombed out this past weekend. The Croods: The New Age managed to bring in $2.2 million for Dreamworks, which brings its international gross to around $115 million. The Tom Hanks starring News of the World made a haul of $1.7 million, pushing its total to just $5.4 million. Lastly, Monster Hunter (which I’m surprised no one has been talking about) nabbed $1.2 million for Sony and brought its total up to just $6.7 million.

A lot of this is dismal news for studios, but it makes me hopeful that people are taking this pandemic seriously. If we ever hope to see films on the big screen again, we’re going to need to act now instead of pretending things are getting better.

Source: Variety

Peter Glagowski
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