Jessica Walter, Emmy-winning star of Arrested Development, dead at 80


Beloved star of film and TV Jessica Walter has died at her home in New York City age 80, her family have confirmed. She passed away in her sleep on Wednesday, March 24th. 

The Emmy-winning actress had a career spanning 5 decades. Known for her work in Clint Eastwood’s Play Misty For Me (1971) and recently lending her voice acting talents to the animated Archer, Walter spanned a diverse range of roles. Her best-known and most beloved character was without question Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth: a sly, manipulative and utterly iconic matriarch to the Bluth family, responsible for some of the best comedic delivery in the series. 

Walter boasted appearances in Amy Prentiss (1974-1975), for which she received her first Emmy. For her work in the long-running Arrested Development (2003-2019), Walter earned a well-deserved Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress and two SAG nominations. She had over 160 acting credits to her name and has been widely praised for bringing her characteristic sardonic wit and humour to her roles. 

She is survived by her daughter Brooke Bowman, SVP Drama Programming at Fox Entertainment, and grandson. Goodbye and goodnight to an icon and a comic genius.

Source: Deadline, LA Times

Sian Francis Cox
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