Netflix inks deal for a BioShock film


Netflix is continuing its push into video game adaptations with this morning’s announcement of a BioShock film being in the works. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix and Take-Two Interactive (publisher of the game) have partnered together to develop both a feature film and a potential cinematic universe based around the underwater city of Rapture.

If this news sounds somewhat familiar, a BioShock film was previously in the works with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski set to direct. After some back and forth with both the studio and Take-Two over budget and a potential R-rating, the film was squashed. Now, it seems like Netflix is stepping in to circumvent any Hollywood restrictions that may be in place.

At the moment, we don’t have any other details about this new adaptation. Verbinski isn’t listed in any capacity and no writers, directors, or actors are mentioned. This is likely a preliminary announcement to get fans excited while we wait years for the film to be finalized. With the success Netflix has seen in the video game sphere, most notably with Resident Evil and The Witcher, I do expect this film will actually see the light of day.

Source: THR

Peter Glagowski
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