Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness claws its way over to Netflix in 2021


During the Tokyo Game Show 2020 this weekend, Netflix and Capcom announced that the two companies will be collaborating on a brand new Resident Evil series for the streaming juggernaut. Titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and set for a premiere in 2021, the only major plot detail we know is that the show will reunite characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield after being separated for years. It will also be horror-themed, keeping in tune with the main series.

Utilizing a similar CG style to the more recent Resident Evil spin-off films, it seems Infinite Darkness may end up being canonical to the events of the series. With the games going in a completely different direction and a ton of remakes filling in the gaps, what better way to flesh out potential storylines than with a limited series?

I’m not sure if I’m particularly interested in this series, but Netflix is obviously banking on continuing with video game adaptations. Dragon’s Dogma, another Capcom series, made its debut roughly two weeks ago and the platform already has plans for Beyond Good & Evil and Splinter Cell. With the coronavirus quarantine not showing any signs of stopping, fans with a cursory interest are likely to be gobbling this up while they wait for news of any new games.

Source: YouTube

Peter Glagowski
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