Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is now available on Netflix


Fans of the Resident Evil series will be happy to know that Netflix’s 3D anime series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is now available on the platform. Split across four different parts that total out to 105 minutes, you could think of this more as a short movie instead of a proper TV series. Each episode is roughly 20 minutes in length and forms an episodic story that requires you to watch from the beginning.

Set years after the outbreak in Raccoon City (which formed the basis of the original game), Infinite Darkness details a part of protagonist Leon S. Kennedy’s life before he became the ultra badass we’d see in Resident Evil 4. In a nice touch, the actors from the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake reprise their roles as Leon and Claire, making this an official part of the series’ overall canon.

I’ve never really gelled with any of the Resident Evil films, be they the CGI ones or the Paul W.S. Anderson vehicles. Infinite Darkness does seem to have more effort put into it, evoking some of the horror elements of the original titles while also giving us action. Considering its short length, it might be worth a binge-watch if you’re deep into the Resident Evil lore.

Source: VGC

Peter Glagowski
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